Medium Sized Cities For Millennials To Live In

The housing market has heard. The housing market has listened to. They have heard clearly that millennials are not really into home buying right now. Although this generation fits perfectly between the ages of twenty four and thirty five, they would make for perfect homebuyers since this seems to be the ideal age when people purchase their first home. But with student loan debt, issues with getting approved for home loans and the decision to rent longer than previous generations have caused the housing market to decrease costs of real estate.

For millennials who are not burdened with student loan debt, who can get approved for home loans, who have the cash laying around and who are ready to make the commitment to purchase a home. Many times millennial struggle with affording homes. But at this current housing rate, buying a home for an affordable place is pretty simple. One of the best ways to buy a home that is affordable is to select a medium size city. Since millennials tend to enjoy urban environments a medium size offers the feel of a large city but is still homey and often times much cheaper than homes in large cities.

Many savannah ga real estate agents can help you discover properties in Savannah. Savannah, Georgia is a medium sized with great real estate. The price of homes are affordable. This city is a good place for first time buyers. Plus, it’s a coastal city that has beach charm.

Go to the neighboring state and take a look at the real estate in Birmingham, Alabama. These homes are extremely affordable. The city of Birmingham is great for millennials who want to live in an urban environment. It is a good city to settle down in and begin a family. The city is only two hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. So, if you feel like Birmingham is too small or too slow you won’t be too far from a major U.S. city.

Another city that is not too big or too small is Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock is the capital of city and offers many fun activities. Plus, it is a great city for a couple or for a family. The city is only a couple hours away from Memphis, Tennessee and a few hours from Texas. There are many close vacation destinations around. Millennials can afford real estate easily here. There are many single family homes available at great prices. The crime rate is low. The city is growing and has an awesome selection of homes for buyers on a budget.

Medium sized cities are perfect for first time home buyers. These cities allow for people to feel like they are in a major city yet it offers a hometown feel as well. Real estate in these cities are very affordable. For millennials, first time home buyers or people looking to settle down should consider buying a home in a market that is not too big or too small but somewhere in the middle.