Pennsylvania Is A Great Moving Option

Pennsylvania is a great place to move to for those who need to get away from the New York Metropolitan area. It is great for those who want to be within close proximity to New York. Yet one does not have to deal with some of the negative quirks of living in the New York Metropolitan area.

The main problem with the New York metropolitan area is that you need to earn a relatively high income in order to be able to afford a basic level of comfort and dignity. A small house in the suburbs will demand the salary of a professional who is in healthcare, education or the trades (especially those in unions). These industries are mentioned because people in them make livable salaries. Sometimes, people who have jobs in these industries complain that they aren’t making enough. This may or may not be true to whatever extent in other parts of America, but in New York this is not true. Even if you can afford a place to live—whatever kind of place it is—with your salary, you are not going to get much space. Many people who decide to have families find that it is extremely difficult, financially, to attain that white-picket-fence dream in the New York Metropolitan area. This is where Pennsylvania comes in. Pennsylvania’s metropolitan areas, such as Philadelphia, allow people to live in and around cities with reasonable rents and home prices. It is without a doubt that one would be able to find any single family homes for sale montgomery pa for good prices.

Pennsylvania’s most well-known city is arguably Philadelphia. It sits on the southeast border of the state. Across the Delaware River, to the east, is New Jersey. If you want to go to New York City, all you have to do is take a 2-hour bus rise from the bus station in Philadelphia to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. It is not really as bad as it sounds, considering the fact that that is roughly how long some people’s commutes take within the more immediate New York metropolitan area. The tickets to get there are usually very inexpensive, ranging from about $12 to $20. The price for a one-way trip isn’t that bad when you consider the fact that these prices aren’t too far off from what the Long Island Railroad charges their customers to go back and forth to places that are within closer distance to each other that the distance from New York to Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania hosts a diverse amount of lifestyles and places. There are urban places and rural places. The cultural makeup of the state is diverse, and it includes Chinese in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, African Americans, white Americans, Amish people who live traditional lifestyles and other types of people. The regional cultures of Pennsylvania are said to be very close to that of New York, since it is near New York and actually touches the Southern border of Western New York. It makes sense that they should be similar to each other, since Pennsylvania is in the same region of the country as New York.